10 Spring Nail Designs for Short Nails

floral nail art
A blue ombre background looks stunning behind these Cherry blossoms
blue and pink flowers
bright pink nails
butterfly nail art
Cute flower nail design
Dressed up Nails on
Flower Nail Art
green flowers
nails arcrylics
Neon Nautical
orange flowers
pink florals
pink flowers
pink love hearts
Simple purple dotticure
Spring nails
Sunflower nails
yellow nail art design

Learn how to create ten different nail art designs that are perfect for Spring! All of these nail designs are super easy to create and have been inspired by the colors, flowers and symbols of springtime! The first one you’ll learn is a floral pattern and all you need for that is a few different colors of nail polish and a toothpick – so follow the rest of the tutorial for all the other great designs!

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polka dot spring nails