DIY Baby Shower Decor Ideas for Boys – Backdrops

blue balloons backdrop
Baby arrow ring with garland
Balloon boy backdrop for dessert table
Baloons grey gold black Marble
Black and white balloon garland
Blu and gold royal theme
Blue and pink balloons great for gender reveal
Blue and white paper decorations with its a boy garland
blue balloons backdrop
4 pallets stacked with bunting large bow tie
Blue paper curtain with matching balloons
Blue white and gray tissue streamers with matching balloons
Gray yellow white streamers
Heaven sent them with cloud balloons and moon
Lit blue tulle curtain with fluffy clouds
Paper flowers on white curtain
Shower from white balloons and blue paper rain drops
Sports themed using pallet
Wooden crate backdrop with paper flowers

A balloon garland will create the perfect addition to any baby shower backdrop decor theme especially when you need DIY baby shower decor ideas for boys! First off you’ll want to choose your color palette (in the image below they’ve gone for light blue, grey and gold). Then you’ll want to buy a serious amount of balloons.

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balloons with cross