Homemade Fathers Day Cards to Make

Looks like a piece of pipe cleaner and paperclip to create the paint roller Too cute
fathers day card
bbq pop up card
bicycle card
card for men masculine handyman handy
diy fathers day card
fathers day tool card
fathers day tool card
I cannot take credit for this SVG Grill Card Box but thank you to whom for sharing
motorcycle fathers day card
New home card DIY
Ovals and folded paper can easily create a hamburger and fries for dad Swiss dots make perfect sesame seeds on this handmade fathers day card
Stampin Up Totally Tools Hardwood and Flowering Fields stamps
SU Nailed It Bundle
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vintage car card

They always say the best ideas are the simple ones and this Fathers Day card certainly fits the bill! All you need is some white paper and a set of colorful markers to draw out the Google letters and that will take you all of about ten minutes to do. So with all that extra time you could also make your Dad a really cool gift.

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