Fun Outdoor Games You’ll Want To Play All Summer Long

Backyard bowling
Ball in basket circus game
Beach Beer Pong table
Cheap and Easy Beach Game beach pong
DIY Dart board
Outdoor Dartboard
PIPE BALL GAME inch diameter pvc pipe cut with ° angle on one end straight cut on other ends Lengths of pipes from flat bottom to very tip of the °angle
Ready to play cornhole now with drink and beanbag holder and scorekeeper
Skee ball
battleship beer pong
Drinking jenga
Drunk Jenga Drinking Game
fun Jenga drinking game
Funny drinking game Jenga
JENGA drinking game
jenga drinking game
My homemade Drunk Jenga

Get your groove on this summer with some ice cube tray chug beer drinking games. For the game below you need to fill about a dozen ice trays with beer and place them on a long table then give everyone who wants to play a straw! These really are the most awesome backyard summer party ideas for adults!

Tutorial Beer Olympics | Buy on Amazon Ice Trays $9.95
Ice ice baby Beer Olympics game fill up an ice cube tray with beer and use a curly straw to drink Timed game