How to Make Your Fave Starbucks Drink at Home

What better time to put your blending skills to the test than on National Coffee Day? C’mon, show those baristas you’re a natural when it comes to your coffee creations. And when you’re trying to save your hard-earned cash, knowing how to make Starbucks iced coffee drinks at home can save the day.

Pour the ice drink over ice and then added two splashes 2 T of HWC

Source: Gemma Stafford

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Tried this and it did not disappoint 5 out of 5. Great low calorie summer drink


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3 Starbucks drinks


Best Low Carb Pancakes gluten free low carb pancakes made with almond flour and are a delicious breakfast when topped with butter n syrup


Chocolate Strawberry Protein Shake


Guilty pleasure This was AMAZING..tastes just like a root beer float also add HWC


iced coffee


Iced coffee


Java and Almond Milk Smoothies

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Low carb iced coffee order 4 pumps of sugar free vanilla 4 pumps of SF cinnamon dolce heavy cream


Mocha Chocolate Smoothie


Orange vanilla shake


Pink drink cup of ice water splash of coconut milk. Stir. Add frozen strawberries

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Pour over ice and add 2 Tbs of heavy whipping cream


Protein coffee Starbucks iced coffee caramel premier protein and caramel silk almond creamer


Switch heavy cream for almond milk creamer


Try this with my Optimum Nutrition Vanilla Ice Cream Protein


2 shots of espresso over ice caramel premier protein. guilt free venti caramel macchiato