Money Saving Tips and Hacks

So, first of all, what’s a life hack? I view a life hack as a simple task or very straightforward substitution you can do in your life that produces better value overall than the usual way of spending that time, money, or energy. What follows are some of the most worthwhile money saving life hacks that I came up with. You’ve probably heard of some of these before, but I’m including them here because they work.

super glue lid on jar

Source: The Whole Happy Life

magnetic wristband


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money saving tips


magnetic wristband

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$5 jar


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Bi Weekly Savings Schedule Save $10000 in one year


For a more aggressive savings strategy save over 5k in just one year

magnetic wristband


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how to save money


money saving challenge


money saving tips

magnetic wristband


save all your 5 dollar bills


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Time your purchases right and save money all year long with this handy cheat sheet


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